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surge protection extension lead Absorb high current to protect circuit safety


   The peak period of electricity use is also a time when fire accidents occur frequently. Improper electricity use is the primary culprit of fire. The electric fire includes the aging of the circuit, the improper setting of the circuit and the improper use of the electrical appliances.

   The surge protection extension lead can not only save power consumption, reasonably use household appliances, avoid overload operation of the circuit, but also reduce the probability of accelerated aging of appliances after long-term power on, extend the service life of the product and relatively improve the safety of the product.

   The surge protection extension cable can withstand the overload current for 24h, so that you can use electricity safely in thunderstorm weather. It is simple in appearance and stylish in atmosphere. The integrated anti surge circuit inside is reliable and safe. It can continuously absorb peak current and protect the circuit.

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